Face cleaning

Face cleaningis the popular procedure of modern cosmetology.This process allows you to clean skin pores and to get rid of acne and black spots.In the network of clinics AURA our beauticians offer you a mechanical (manual) and hardware (ultrasonic) face cleansing. Ultrasonic face cleaning is a procedure that performed using ultrasound, clears the skin from the black caps in the sebaceous ducts, and also produces “peeling” of old cells.

Indications to unltrasonic cleaning:

oily skin with enlarged pores

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:

painless and delicacy of the impact
does not leave redness and swelling on the skin
removes only old cells, thus, absolutely not injure the young ones
does not require pre-steaming the skin

The effect of ultrasonic cleaning:

removes “horny” skin layer
clean pores, improves the tone, the skin becomes “younger”
activates level of cellular metabolism
Ultrasonic face cleaning removes only old cells!
After ultrasonic face cleaning our cosmetologists apply a mask that fits your skin type.

Name of procedure Time (min) Cost (UAH)
   Combined face cleaning 100 450
   Mechanical face cleaning 90 400
   Ultrasonic face cleaning 60 300
   Cleaning of the back 120 600
   Cleaning of the decollete 100 400