Diabetic foot

Hardware pedicure is the choice for people with diabetes. Because of high blood sugar level patients suffering from diseases of vessels, nerve endings. Skin becomes thin, easily vulnerable, appear cracks and sensitivity decreases. Any microtrauma can cause serious complications, pedicure with cuticles trimmed is contraindicated for people with diabetes.The chiropodist at clinic AURA uses special line of drug cosmetic for care of diabetic foot, which has no cooling and heating agents as well as alcohol.


Before the procedure, feet treated with a disinfectant with wide spectrum of action that prevents the entry of infection during the procedure.
The next stage is applying special softening agents. The purpose of this is to soften the horny layer of the epithelium (dead cells) without involvement of living tissue.
The skin is handled by hardware way using many nozzles after softening.Depending on the availability of certain pathology the doctor performs those manipulations, which will facilitate the rapid recovery of the patient.
At the end of the pedicure foot cleanse using lotion and with massage movement nourishing cream is applied.All cosmetics for medical pedicure contain antifungal drugs.

This service is only in Odessa!
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Name of treatment Time (min) Cost (UAH)
   Medical (hardware) pedicure for diabetics 60 260