Figure correction

The network of clinics AURA provides an innovative technology to remove cellulite – apparatus VELA SHAPE (USA). The use of this apparatus allows not only to reduce weight and get rid of cellulite, but also bring your figure in almost perfect shape. VELA SHAPE is a device-innovative elos technology for cellulite removal and non-surgical removal of fat deposits and sagging skin.


It is a combination of bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF), infrared energy, a negative pulse pressure and mechanical impact on the tissue.The successful combination of the infrared and accompanying RF energy increases intercellular diffusion of oxygen through the heating of the skin. Vacuum and specially designed rollers knead and smooth the skin to ensure the safety and efficiency of the energy distribution. In the end, increases the metabolism of energy reserves (lipolysis), increases lymphatic drainage and reduces the amount of fat or the size of the treated area. Result: the decrease in the treated area and smoothing of the skin at the area of treatment, reduction signs of cellulite.Based on a revolutionary technology ELOS, VelaShape apparatus has an impact both on the deep tissues of the body, resulting in significant weight loss and figure correction, and the upper layers of the skin, significantly reducing cellulite.

Video review cellulite removal via Vela Shape (USA)

Video review cellulite removal at AURA clinic


To achieve visible results 4 treatments are required with the intervals of 5-7 days, which consist in careful warm massage, comfortable treatment. During this time VELA SHAPE will restore skin structure, eliminate defects and improve elasticity.


Excellent results of cellulite removal and reduce the volume correction can be achieved by combining procedures on the apparatus VELA SHAPE with injections of lipolytic drugs and pressotherapy.

Hardware massage Time (min) Cost (UAH) Special price (UAH)
   Face (female) 25 340
   Face (male) 30 390
   Collar zone + chin (female) 20 230
   Collar zone + chin (male) 25 340
   Сervical-thoracic zone (female) 30 580
   Cervical-thoracic zone (male) 35 650
   Hands (female) 25 480
   Hands (male) 30 580
   Hands triceps (female) 15 300
   Hands triceps (male) 20 350
   Back (female) 40 700
   Back (male) 45 1000
   Lumbar zone (female) 30 580
   Lumbar zone (male) 35 350
   Waist (female) 30 390
   Waist (male) 35 580
   Abdomen (female) 35 700
   Abdomen (male) 40 820
   Abdomen – anterior abdominal wall (female) 20 410
   Abdomen – anterior abdominal wall (male) 25 480
   Abdomen – side surfaces (female) 25 480
   Abdomen – side surfaces (male) 30 580
   Buttocks (female) 40 700
   Buttosks (male) 40 810
   Front side of hips (female) 15 340
   Front side of hips (male) 15 410
   Inner side of hips (female) 20 290
   Inner side of hips (male) 25 330
   Back side of hips (female) 10 360
   Back side of hips (male) 15 420
   Hips fully (female) 40 820
   Hips fully (male) 45 900
   Shins (female) 30 470
   Shins (male) 30 550
   Legs (female) 60 1200
   Legs (male) 65 1320
   Hips + buttocks (female) 55 1100 900
   Hips + buttocks (male) 60 1300
   Hips + buttocks + abdomen (female) 80 1300 1100
   Hips + buttocks + abdomen (male) 90 1600
   Abdomen + waist (female) 45 850
   Abdomen + waist (male) 50 1100
   Body correction after surgical liposuction (female/male) 60 2000