Facial cosmetology

Facial cosmetology – cosmetology is a priority approach for the prevention of aging and skin rejuvenation.
In the network of clinics AURA cosmetology department is equipped with the most modern equipment.Reception is conducted by doctors-dermatologists with wide practical experience by performing the entire range of the most modern techniques.Individual selection of complex treatment guaranteesyou a long-term and obvious result.The network of clinics AURA offers the most comprehensive selection of cosmetic facial treatments:
Facial cleaning is the popular procedure of modern cosmetology.This process allows you to clean skin pores and to get rid of acne and black spots.
Facial massage is gentle impact on the skin, blood vessels and muscles of the face using special techniques, performed by hands.It effectively helps to maintain skin tone. Facial massage is a greatway to preventwrinkles.
Chemical peeling is a controlled chemical damage of certain layers of the epidermis and / or dermis.As a result, in addition to an inflammatory response that develops in the dermis and epidermis, activates protective and repair mechanisms.It starts with the natural process of healing, tissue regeneration of the epidermis and dermis, in completion of which the skin is rejuvenated.
Carboxytherapy is a process of application carbon dioxide to the skin.Chemical reaction between carbon dioxide and a patented gel composition allows achieve great rejuvenation effect.Special mask prevents rapid evaporation of CO2 and allows you to retain the necessary concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the range necessary for rejuvenation.
Permanent make up is a cosmetic procedure that helps girls and women of all ages quickly and easily manage without cosmetics and at the same time look great. Cosmetic tattoo is implanting allergic tested pigment using special machine into the upper layers of the skin in order to create simple make up, outline of the eyebrow, lips and eyelids.