Cosmetology of the body

Body cosmetology is one of the most important areas of modern aesthetic cosmetology.The use of special equipment in combination with carefully chosen techniques allows you to get impressive results. Anti-aging and corrective procedures make it possible to solve such problems like aging and the problems caused by defects, injuries or skin diseases.

Qualified dermatologists at the network of clinics AURA find solutions to problems, not only by eliminating the external manifestations, but also offer individual options to improve the health of the whole body, because the cause of skin imperfections can be covered in no proper nutrition, stress and lifestyle.

The network of clinics AURA has modern equipment and offers a variety of methods of hardware cosmetology.

Figure correction is a highly effective hardware technique which allows not only to reduce weight and get rid of cellulite, but also bring your figure in almost perfect shape.This technique is based on the use of innovative technology to remove cellulite – apparatus VELA SHAPE. VELA SHAPE is a device-innovative elos technology for cellulite removal and non-surgical removal of fat deposits and sagging skin).

Body massage is a procedure, the essence of which is reduced to spray dose of mechanical stimulation on the patient’s bodythat are performed by hand or with the use of special devices.

Myostimulation is the impact on the organs and tissues of the low-frequency pulse current. The impact causes a pulse current to the physiological reduction of muscle fibers. Passive muscle contraction activates blood circulation, improves the flow of lymph from the extracellular space through the venous and lymphatic system, outputting metabolic products (slag).

Pressotherapy — mechanical lymphatic drainage, is the impact on the lymphatic system with compressed air supplied through a special cuff. Lymphatic drainage effect of pressure therapy exceeds all other hardware and manual methods of figure correction.

Wrapping — is a technique of thalassotherapy, which is capable of effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone, to treat some diseases and, in general, to strengthen the body.

Commonly used for wrapping compositions prepared from marine origin. Seaweed, sea mud – a large assortment of these substances can be used for the benefit of human health and beauty.

Waxing is a cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted hair by using wax. In modern cosmetology, there are several techniques to remove unwanted hair. But even despite the production of more new technologies in cosmetology, waxing does not lose its popularity.