Laser cosmetology

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Laser cosmetology cosmetology is a new and dynamically developing direction in aesthetic cosmetology. Through the introduction of innovative technologies and the latest achievements of modern science laser equipment were created, with which it became possible to solve a number of cosmetic problems: laser hair removal, non-surgical rejuvenation, acne treatment, elimination of post-acne.

In the network of clinics AURA our doctors use diode and erbium lasers, produced by Asclepion Laser Technology (Germany), which are the gold standard for hair removal and fractional resurfacing.

Laser hair removal is the most popular procedure of modern aesthetic cosmetology. Laser hair removal is powerful to remove unwanted hair. Laser removal means selective action on signal substance that contained in a hair – the melanin. Then occurs controlled and safe heating of this substance and destruction of the stem cells, located in hair follicle, where hair is formed. Thus, the laser doesn’t destruct the hair, but eliminates the cause of its growth! As a result of this – the hair growth stops after laser epilation.
Laser rejuvenation is the latest non-invasive method of correcting age-related changes of the skin and wrinkles. The laser beam affects the skin, it smoothes small and medium wrinkles, restores young face color, improves skin smoothness and elasticity. Markedly improves the oval face. Laser rejuvenation effectively suspends the aging of the skin.
Laser peeling fraxel is a technology that removes years from your appearance without surgical intervention! The unique technology of fractional photothermolysis (facial polishing) is a new era in non-surgical face and body rejuvenation.
Laser therapy of acne is a local non-ablative impact on acne lesions by high-energy laser flow. Coming into contact with the skin, the laser creates a thermal effect, further there is a partial destruction of the cells that line the ducts of the sebaceous gland (sebocytes). Such laser treatment reduces production of sebum, in parallel dying porphine-producing bacteria and fungus which cause local acne. This method locks the mechanism of the origin of acne.
Post acne laser resurfacing – scar removal is especially required in after-effects of acne diseases. The network of clinics AURA is offering treatment of acne scarring, comedones, post-acne treatment scars, appeared after carbuncles scars on face and body and other types of skin scars by laser skin resurfacing using a high lyerbium laser Asclepion MCL-30 Dermablate (Germany).