Post acne laser resurfacing

Post acne laser resurfacing  – scar removal is especially required in after-effects of acne diseases.
The network of clinics AURA is offering treatment of acne scarring, comedones,
post-acne treatment scars, appeared after carbuncles scars on face and body and other types of skin scarsby laser skin resurfacing using a high lyerbium laser Asclepion MCL-30 Dermablate (Germany). This laser allows accurately control the depth of the impact on the skin from 1 to 20 microns!


Sunbathing should be avoided at least one week before the procedure and ten days after.
No less than one week before the procedure stop use photo sensitizing drugs (antibiotics).
Sometimes it is recommended for 3 weeks before laser treatment to prepare skin with such treatments like TCA or retine peeling.
After laser resurfacing patients experience a feeling of warmth at the treated skin area, which extends for 24 hours. To reduce discomfort and moisturize the treated skin, should be applied special ointment or gel. In some cases, painkillers are used.
For the initial few days after laser resurfacing patients are advised to ingest medicines for preventing infection, reduce swelling and pain, improve the nutrition of the skin.
Patients, who have very deep or protruding above the skin scars caused by acneiform rash, are recommended a special skin care during the period from 14 to 21 days after laser resurfacing. Subsequently, requires the use of moisturizing and sunscreen external preparation.
Young skin care can be supplemented with means for preventing excessive pigmentation. Starting from the second week covering foundation is recommended to camouflage pink skin tone

Impact area Time (min) Cost (UAH)
   Fractional grinding for 1 cm2 10 80
   Laser grinding for 1 cm2 10 80
   Face 120 2600
   Back 120 3500
   One zone (cheek/chin/forehead) 60 800