Laser rejuvenation

Aura Network Clinics provides laser rejuvenation – the latest non-invasive method of correcting age-related changes of the skin and wrinkles. The laser beam affects the skin, it smoothes small and medium wrinkles, restores young face color, improves skin smoothness and elasticity. Markedly improves the oval face. Laser rejuvenation effectively suspends the aging of the skin.
The exact selection of the procedure parameters gives the opportunity to dose the effect of moisture on the layers of the skin, thereby achieving stimulation of collagen growth factors. The laser beam passes through the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) without interacting with it, has a stimulating effect on the processes of formation of collagen and elastin cells of the dermis. The skin becomes more elastic and smooth. The procedure erases the signs of aging from face, neck, décolleté, and hands.


non-traumatic, painless,
not accompanied by side effects,
does not damage the skin,
no rehabilitation period,
No age restrictions: can be performed even in the age of 17-18, for example, to get rid of the effects of acne, and in the age of 35 – 40 facial skin rejuvenation will allow you to maintain the necessary level of collagen.


Laser rejuvenation is successfully combined with other beauty treatments:
laser peeling, fractional photothermolysis , mesotherapy, elements of medical cosmetology with the use of cosmetic lines, injections of botox, contour plastic and chemical peelings.
Complex influence improves the result of the laser rejuvenation procedure and creates a synergetic effect.


Laser rejuvenation does not replace the laser smoothing wrinkles (Resurfacing), but sometimes is recommended to keep the result for a longer period.
The method of laser rejuvenation has a cumulative effect. Skin rejuvenation is gaining momentum to a maximum which is reached after about four-six months after course of procedures. The final effect can be compared with surgical lifting.


The number of procedures depends on the current state of the skin, lifestyle and other factors. European recommendations show that the average treatment algorithm consists оf 5 treatments with 5 week intervals. Each case is individual, therefore the expectations, number of procedures, frequency and other relevant issues should be discussed with a doctor.
The procedure of laser rejuvenation takes 30 – 40 minutes.


Laser rejuvenation Cost (UAH)
   Face 450
   Neck 350
   Decollete 350
   Face + neck + decollete 900
   Hands 350