Treatment of varicose veins

Clinic Aura (Kiev) is the right choice for those who want to get quality medical services at affordable prices, and for those who want to be cured of varicose and other venous system diseases.
We use only innovative techniques and methods, and we currently offer our patients the following services:


Phlebectomyis a surgery procedure that removes superficial veins through small, slit-like incisions in the skin.


Miniphlebectomy is performed for the treatment of large, dilated surface varicose veins.
This method differs from the traditional phlebectomy:
Done under local anesthesia
Removes superficial veins through tiny incisions
The tiny incisions heal well without sutures
The only aftercare required is a compression bandage to be worn for 1-2 weeks following the procedure.


The main indications for surgery of this type are varicose diseases of large and small saphenous veins of the thigh or calf.
The procedure involves surgical removal of the bulging veins, segment by segment, through tiny incisions with vein hooks. Miniphlebectomy is done under local anesthesia and patients should not feel any pain during the procedure. A few patients may feel minimal, if any, discomfort after surgery. Temporary bruising and swelling of the treated area is typical and is minimized with compression stockings. The small incisions heal well without sutures. The patient is encouraged to resume normal walking.


In the postoperative period elastic compression is required for various periods. After usual phlebectomy the period is approximately 30 days, after miniphlebectomy, no more than 5 days. Compression reduces the likelihood of post-operative bruising and swelling of the lymph.
Walking after surgery on the veins is usually allowed on the following day, after miniphlebectomy you can walk the same day. Disability after phlebectomy is from 7 to 30 days.
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Sclerotherapy is a modern effective treatment for spider veins. A tiny needle is used to inject the veins with a solution (called a sclerosant) that irritates the lining of the vein. In response, the veins collapse and are reabsorbed. The surface veins are no longer visible.
Sclerotherapy is a common treatment for large size veins, and microsclerotherapy is for small size veins (capillaries and spider veins).


Sclerotherapy – is a procedure, which is performed in the treatment of varicose vein disease, hemorrhoids, Telangiectasia (spider veins and vascularity spots), and other vascular and lymph diseases as well.
Sclerotherapy carried out by introducing into the vein an agent that promotes bonding of the vessel walls. After achieving the desired effect, the tool resolves. The procedure is almost painless, as the needles used to carry it out is very thin. Its duration on average is 30 minutes. After completion of sclerotherapy patient does not require hospitalization. Doctors recommend wear the compress knitwear for 3-5 days. No limitations in motor activity.


As a result of classical sclerotherapy may appear slight bruising, seals, venous subtle traces. This all will dissapear within a few days or a week. If you want to make this procedure without any side effects, then phlebologist in clinic Aura will perform an advanced form of sclerotherapy – foam sclerotherapy.
During the foam sclerotherapy in vein introduced a tool resembling foam.


expands the area of the “bonding”;
the drug, which is injected into a vein, not mixed with blood;
the procedure can be done with vessels of any size;
preserved natural concentration of a substance.
Phlebologist at AURA clinic (Kyiv) for carrying out the above procedures concerns very seriously.
Before starting the procedure, investigated the causes of venous disease, the extent of its occurrence, are there any contraindications to its performance.
Manipulations are carried out very thin needle that eliminates the need for anesthesia. Sterilization measures carefully observed that eliminates the risk of any complications. Patients, who received sclerotherapy, are satisfied with its cosmetic effect.

Procedure Cost (UAH)
First consultation of a phlebologist 200
Repeated consultation of a phlebologist FREE
Compression hosiery selection 60
Diagnosis and treatment assignment 200
Sclerotherapy (1 area) 750
Microphlebectomy of varicose veins (up to 3 knots under local anesthesia) (The price does not include anesthesia) 2800
Microphlebectomy of varicose veins (3 and more knots under local anesthesia (The price does not include anesthesia) 5800
Miniphlebectomy I category of difficulty under local anesthesia (The price does not include anesthesia) 7300
Miniphlebectomy II category of difficulty under local anesthesia (The price does not include anesthesia) 9300
Phlebectomy I category of difficulty (The price does not include anesthesia) 12300
Phlebectomy II category of difficulty (The price does not include anesthesia) 14300
The cost of local anesthesia (drug and medical consumables) 1200

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