Scalp mesotherapy

Scalp mesotherapy is a method of intradermal or subcutaneous introduction of vitamins, minerals, medicinal and homeopathic remedies to the problem area.Mesotherapy helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, improves the supply of nutrients to the follicles.Mesotherapy helps to improve the condition of the hair and scalp in a short period of time.
Treatment is implemented by introducing certain cocktails into the scalp.
Coctails for injections contain in addition to vitamins and minerals, venotonics and lymph tonic (improve blood circulation) and anesthetics (reduce morbidity during the procedure and improve the penetration and distribution of the main active ingredients in the skin of the scalp).

Result: strong, shining, thick hair and healthy, elastic sсalp.
The main advantage of this method: selectivity of action that allows you to get fast and lasting results.
Duration of the course: generally, the course of mesotherapy held 7-16 procedures. These courses should be repeated every six months in order to maintain the resulting effect.


lactation period;
menstrual period;
inflammation of chronic diseases.


The network of clinic AURA created mesotherapeutic cocktails, effectively solving hair problems:

Cocktail №1 (for hair growth stimulation and thickness)
Intradermal injection of this cocktail makes sprout zone of bulbs work in 2 times faster and also stimulates the growth of the “dormant bulbs.” Result: Hair additional volume of 20% -50%, the growth rate of 1.5-2.5 cm per month! Recommendedcourseconsistsof 10-16 procedures.
Cocktail №2 (when increased hair loss).
This cocktail improves blood microcirculation in the scalp vessels, preventing premature disconnect the bulb from the papilla. Result: the intensity of hair loss decreases to normal, hair growth is activated. Recommended course consistsof8-12 procedures.
Cocktail №3 (for thin damaged hair and scalp problems)
Natural extracts and coenzyme will restore metabolism of scalp, provide quality bulb with necessary for hair growth substances. Result: the skin becomes soft and supple, and hair strong and shiny. The recommended course consistsof 8-14 procedures.
Cocktail №4 (foroily skin, osteofolliculitis)
Complex of microelements normalizes the sebaceous glands, and vitamin complex relieve inflammation of the skin and improve its regeneration. Result: clean and soft skin, normal excretion of fat. The recommended courseconsists of 12-16 procedures.
Note: the cocktail and the number of required procedures will determine the doctor – trichologist while preliminary consultation.

Name of procedure Time (min) Cost (UAH)
   Cocktail №1 (for stimulation of the hair grow and density) 30 500
   Cocktail №2 (when increased hair loss) 30 750
   Cocktail №3 (when hair is thin and damaged and problem scalp) 30 450
   Cocktail №4 (when increased fatness of the head skin, osteo folliculitis) 30 550