Facial mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a modern method of facial rejuvenation by introduction of biologically active compounds and vitamins under the skin. The substances should be introduced depending on the problem that should be solved.This method of introducing drugs provides a much more pronounced effect than their external application.


Prevention and treatment of aging skin, mezolifting
atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid scars
oily, porous skin
preparation and rehabilitation after surgery;
preparationand rehabilitation after chemical (mechanical) peel;
preparation and rehabilitation after laser skin resurfacing


Physiology (non-toxic composition help to clean the body)
Using the integrated effects of substances in a cocktail of compatible products
Duration of preserve the results obtained during the full course
Method has no age restrictions

Medication Time (min) Cost (UAH)
   “Hyalrepair Mesolift” For correcting signs of photo aging, antioxidant protection, the restoration of intracellular matrix, increasing skin tone and elasticity. 60 min 640
   «Hyaluform Mesolift М» For correcting signd of skin aging, increasing skin tone and turgor, moisturizing dry and dehydrated skin. 60 min 550
   «DMAE complex» For lifting, increasing skin turgor, smoothing fine wrinkles. In day after the treatment skin color improved significantly. 60 min 450
   «Colelast complex» Hydration, nutrition, increasing skin elasticity. 60 min 350
   «CYTOCARE 40» For youngest patients, designed for correcting of signs of photo aging (dryness, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles). 60 min 500
   «CYTOCARE 50» The sourse of vitality for mature skin. Recommended when photoaging and chronoaging. The product provides skin nutrition and rejuvenation. 60 min 800
   Dermaheal SB For whitening and lightening pigmentation spots of various origin, to prevent formation of hyperpigmentation, to protect the skin from pigmentation. 60 min 600
   Dermaheal SR For intensive rejuvenation of the skin and soft tissues, pores contraction, normalization of sebaceous excretions, for restoring skin elasticity, for correcting age changes in people with dry, sensitive skin. 60 min 600
   Dermaheal HSR For intensive rejuvenation of the skin and soft tissues, for dealing with eruption, for restoring skin elasticity, for wrinkles smoothing, face lifting, for correcting age changes in people with dense, dehydrated, non-sensitive skin. 60 min 700
   Hydroline For increasing skin turgor, alignment of microrelief, fine wrinkles smoothing, for improvement of skin color. 60 min 500
   Hydroline extra With increased concentration of active component, compared with HYDROLINE complex. 60 min 600