Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is the only real way to restore hair when androgenic alopecia. The network of clinics AURA offers a method of seamless hair transplantation FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).


This method of hair transplantation is the least traumatic, as hair – grafts (follicular units) are removed from the donor zone using special device, without the need of incisions and sutures. Transplantedhairs by method FUE grow during all life and will never fall. The method FUE does not leave any traces and scars on the skin, and transplanted hair look natural. After hair transplantation, there are no linear scars on the nape. Already within 2 weeks the donor zone gets completely natural look, which cannot provide other methods of hair transplantation. It is possible to take grafts (transplanted follicular units) from other parts of body that have hair on (chest, arms, legs, groin, beard) if the nape has not enough donor hair.


Hair extraction(removal) from the donor area
This procedure is performed under sterile conditions using special equipment.
Preparation oftransplants
Extracted donor material – graft, treated with special compound that activates the hair growth after the transplantation.
Graft is a living piece of tissue from the donor area;has size 0,5-1 mm and contains from 1 to 4 hair follicles, mini-graft contains 2-3 follicles,micro-graft contains 1-2 hair follicles.
Hair transplantation
The natural look of transplanted hair is possible only in case when they are transplanted in natural angle of growth, the great importance also has the depth of implantation of each hair.The procedure is performing in a free mode for patient – he can relax, watch TV or listen to music.
In a problem zone formed channels or micro-cuts up to 1 mm, in which will be installed grafts. Mini- or micro-grafts are transferred to a new place taking into account the direction of hair growth.
The procedure takes 3-5 hours, after which you can immediately return home. Painful sensations during or after transplantation are absent. On the next day after hair transplantation you can wash your head. The period of full rehabilitation is no longer than 7 days; in a week scalp becomes totally smooth, without the slightest trace. ALL transplanted hair guaranteed take root. Hair start to grow in 2-3 months, the maximal density is achieved in a year and hair will grow throughout life.



Hair transplantation to the area of mustaches, eyebrows, eyelids, whiskers and beard is performed in case of traumatic alopecia, in the presence of face and head burns and scars, and for fundamental change of your appearance. Thus applies seamless FUE-method and used grafts containing no more than two hairs. The transplantation of own hair is the only effective method of getting rid of scars. Hair transplantation is carried out on small areas by a very thin lancet, using a minimum amount of local anesthetic. It provides very rapid healing and completely natural look, the transplanted hair continue to grow forever.
The advantage of seamless hair transplantation is no pain, almost complete absence of post-operative complications, such as swelling, numbness of the scalp, headaches and so on.
Hair grow begins after 2,5-3 months. The first result after hair transplantation is visible already in 5-6 months, and the final result after hair transplantation is achieved in 10-12 months.
To achieve maximal result doctors of clinic AURA recommend to doprocedure of Plasmolifting no later than 14 days before transplantation.



The cost of hair transplantation varies depending on the amount of surgery (how many grafts are used).
On average hair transplantation in scalp area is used 1000 grafts and depending of the complexity the cost of procedure is 25 000 UAH.
At the hair transplantation to the eyebrow area, on average is used 200 grafts and the cost of procedure is 8 000 UAH.
At the hair transplantation to the eyelid area on average used 100 grafts and the cost of procedure is 4 000 UAH.

Area of transplantation Time (hour) Cost of 1 graft (UAH)
   Scalp 3-7 25
   Eyebrows 3 40
   Eyelashes 3 40