Chiropody is an area ofmedicine dealing with the deformation of the nail plate of the foot, as well as podiatry, provoked a number of dermatological, surgical, endocrine and orthopedic problems.
Podiatry task is to detect these pathological changes in the early stages, when you can still cope with problems without resorting to surgery and to implement the processing of the foot, respectively diagnosis.
Chiropodists at clinics AURA, using modern equipment, techniques and products will offer you the following services:

Medical (hardware) pedicure is not just a hygienic procedure of feet care, but also target therapeutic method for solution of some medical problems.

Caring for the Diabetic Foot with the hardware pedicure is the choice for people with diabetes. Because of high blood sugar level patients suffering from diseases of vessels, nerve endings. Skin becomes thin, easily vulnerable, appear cracks and sensitivity decreases. Any microtrauma can cause serious complications, pedicure with cuticles trimmed is contraindicated for people with diabetes.

Ingrown nail is a disease in which the nail plate ingrowth is noted, usually big toenail in soft tissues of the platen. At the moment the most progressive method of toenail treatment is treatment by special correction technologies using correcting brackets or plates

Stem cornsare solid horny skin that leaves cuneate deep into soft tissues.It is formed by a long pressure on the same stretch of the foot. Cause severe pain, discomfort when walking.

Hyperkeratosis (corns) is an excessive formation of rough, chapped skin, often accompanied by the appearance of deep painful cracks.Using hardware pedicure this problem is easily solving.

Prosthetic nails applied not only to solve aesthetic problems, although this is an important issue, also to strengthen and treat the damaged nail plate.For such purpose are used different special materials.