Beauty injections can be fake! A team of U.S. medics warns all patients – recently appeared on the market fake tools for injections of beauty. Cosmetologists were united in a kind of a support group carrying out of procedures like Botox injections and the introduction of Restylane in specialized clinics, where patients will be provided true guarantee.

“Experts are concerned about reports of patients who suffered from the introduction of the so-called offshore injections of beauty, – says Mark Dzhevvel, former president of Association of Plastic Surgeons. – Cases with non-specialists or procedures with the use of fake drugs are growing.”

“In fact, Botox injections and Restylane are non-invasive method for correcting appearance, but we should not forget that this is still a medical procedure that should be carried out in institutions with qualified professionals” – says the representative of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Alastair Carruthers.

Among other things, scientists from the Hospital of Dresden-Friedrichstadt, led by Professor Uwe Wollin expanded the known properties of Botox. It was found that the drug can be used to reduce pain and itching of eczema and also blocks the production of sweat, saliva and mucus at Hailey-Hailey disease. “In the hands of an experienced physician drug is safe and provides effective treatment of diseases and also allows in many cases to avoid surgical intervention,” – says a doctor from the Roman Hospital of Agostino Gemelli Uwe Wollin.

Today, the use of Botox (assuming that it is not a fake) for smoothing out wrinkles, using the most advanced technology, combining Botox with a biopolymer gels. Botox smoothes wrinkles, while the biopolymer gel from the inside strengthens the skin structure and prevents the appearance of deep wrinkles in the future, when the action of the Botox to an end. Such a complex effect on the skin like biorevitalisation: improves its appearance, restoring the internal environment of the skin, slowing the aging process.