Classic glycol peeling with chitosan sweet skin system


SWEET SKIN SYSTEM – classic glycolic peeling with the addition of chitosan. Today it is the most effective procedure to prevent photo-aging. Glycolic acid is distinguished by the fact that due to its very small molecule it can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate the basic cells of the dermis – fibroblasts are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Glycolic acid also gently exfoliates the excess of dead cells from the skin, contributing to its renewal and improvement of protective properties of skin. The peculiarity of the peeling – the presence of chitosan – a natural polymer derived from crustacean shells.

Properties of chitosan

it is the most powerful moisturizer and most powerful immunomodulator that makes peeling soft and gentle without reducing the effectiveness.
provides peeling gel structure, so that molecules of glycolic acid slowly and evenly penetrate into the skin, in spite of its high concentration and low pH.
forms a film on the surface of the peeling, which improves the penetration of glycolic acid into skin.

Advantages of peeling SWEET SKIN SYSTEM

therapeutic effect:
peeled horny layer
thickness of the layer of living cells in the epidermis increases for 50%
reduces quality and quantity of collagen
increases restructuring of elastic fibers
increases local immunity of the skin
normalizes skin turgor by increasing the content of mucopolysaccharides in the epidermis and derma
stimulates metabolic processes in the epidermis and derma

efficiency and effectiveness:
effect after first procedure
long-term and long-lasting results after course of treatments

absence of a period of social maladjustment, peeling “lunch break”

Effects of the peeling procedure SWEET SKIN SYSTEM

Normal skin:
renovation, freshness of the skin
improvement of turgor and elasticity
moisture rising
thickening of the epidermis

Dry, dehydrated skin prone to irritation:
improvement of skin local immunity
improvement of skin texture

If hyperpigmentation::
flaking-off and lightening of hyperpigmented areas

Oily and problem skin:
regulation of sebaceous excretions

Flabby, aging skin:
improve skin tone and elasticity
increase of moisture

For preparation to plastic surgery:
more elastic, thick, hydrated skin will not only better regenerate after surgery, but will also give a more pronounced effect of surgery.

The procedure consists of sequential steps: cleansing the skin by special means, the application of peeling, neutralization, application of restorative serum, mask after peeling, application of soothing cream and sunscreen if it is necessary.

Recommended course is not less than 6 treatments at regular intervals: 1 time in 10-14 days.

PeelingImpact levelApplication areaTime (min)Cost (UAH)
АНА 35%SuperficialFace40400
АНА 35%SuperficialFace + neck40450
АНА 35%SuperficialFace + neck + decollete40500
АНА 50%SuperficialFace40450
АНА 50%SuperficialFace, neck50500
АНА 50%SuperficialFace, neck, decollete60600
АНА 70%Superficial-medialFace40500
АНА 70%Superficial-medialFace, neck50550
АНА 70%Superficial-medialFace, neck, decollete60600