Restylane, Perlane – are gels based on hyaluronic acid – the most safe, resorbable implants, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid origin. «Stabilized» – эmeans a lengthy cosmetic effect, with nutrients, oxygen, hormones freely migrate between the fragments of the gel without disrupting normal functioning of the skin.

With the introduction of hyaluronic acid gels, accumulating large amounts of water, which leads increase in the skin at the injection site. Restylane and Perlane not only solve many problems of contour correction of the face, but also improve the condition of the skin, leaving it supple and hydrated.

When you need to do contour plastic?

thin lips
asymmetry of the lips
fuzzy contour of the lips
wrinkles around the eyes («crow’s feet»)
nasolabial folds
transverse wrinkles on the forehead (wrinkles of anger)
longitudinal wrinkles on the forehead
wrinkles at the corners of the mouth
multiple age wrinkles around the lips
«Sunken» cheek
stretch marks, scars

Gels introduction will also help if you want to lift the tip of the nose, change the shape and volume of the chin, to form the nipple on the chest.

At what age need to do contour plastic?

Time for the first injection everyone chooses for own desire, from twenty to sixty years.

How does the procedure work?

The average procedure time of 30-60 minutes. Anesthesia for the correction fine lines and wrinkles is not usually required. With the introduction of large volumes of local anesthetic gel is carried out (applied to the skin anesthetic cream) or regional anesthesia (in dentistry).

There are 2 techniques of administration: point and line. Point – series of consecutive fine needle puncture. However, multiple point injections do not allow the administration to achieve a uniform material, and therefore preferable to linear technology – иneedle is inserted into the wrinkle / fold throughout its length. Precision machinery is more and more often used in combination with a linear one.

The effect is at once a couple of days it becomes an ideal – when the light goes down swelling and redness.

What are the contraindications?

Absolute contraindications:
pregnancy and lactation
an allergy to the drug (occurs in 1 on the 2000 patients)
autoimmune diseases
infections (bacterial, viral, fungal) diseases of the skin
acute infectious diseases
exacerbation of chronic somatic diseases (gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, etc.)
if ever introduced any permanent gel (eg, silicones, biopolymers)
if you recently had laser or chemical peelings

Relative contraindications:
taking anticoagulants
pronounced biological aging

What is the difference hyaluronic acid from other «fillers»?

To date, some doctors have used drugs on the basis of Teflon, silicone and polidimetilsilicone (eg, biopolymer gel), acrylic, etc. The doctor, who will offer you an introduction of such drugs is likely to emphasize that it is better because it forever, which means – more profitable economically. But you should know that liquid silicone is already banned in Europe because of the ability to migrate to the lungs and brain.Any permanent gels are incompatible with anything. In addition, the use of these gels «of yesterday» leads to frequent complications: uneven contours and heterogeneity of soft tissue foreign body sensation, a high risk of serious delayed (in 2–15 years) complications – acute and / or chronic inflammation at the injection site, granulomatous reactions, the loss of their natural skin color, fibrous tissue strain, migration of filler (lips may «go off» somewhere to the ear), necrosis of soft tissue at the injection site. Why put health at risk?

All of these complications is not the introduction of agents of hyaluronic acid.

Requirements that correspond to hyaluronic acid gels:
biocompatibility (the gel is not a foreign substance!)
natural, but non-animal origin of the material
the absence of migration and inflammatory complications
sufficient duration of action

How long does the result?

From 6 to 20 months. Its duration depends on the drug (Perlane “lasts” longer), age, severity of the processes of aging, metabolic characteristics and personal skin care products, the degree of facial mobility.

Do gels of hyaluronic acid harm the body?

The high degree of purity ensures the safety of the drug and complete biocompatibility with tissues and fluids of the body. Pre-testing for allergenicity is not required.

How often need to do injections?

For the correction of individual lines and wrinkles, you may need 2-3 procedures. The positive effect of the procedure is very individual, and for maintenance in perfect condition once per year require additional adjustment.

   Type of skinoily, thicknormal, combined, thinthin dry
   The severity of wrinkles and foldsdeepmoderatesurface
   The depth of introducion3-4 mm2-3 mm1-2 mm
   Procedure #2in 1 monthin 1 monthin 1 month
   Procedure #3in 2 months

What are the possible side effects?

Side effects are practically absent.

In rare cases may occur:
persistent redness at the injection site
hematomas (bruises)
dyschromia (change color)
violation of the sensitivity or itching at the zone of injection