Perfect, sexy lips form today especially in fashion. No need to talk that it helps girls and women to feel confident in a different situations. Usually it achieved by using a contour lipstick and a pencil. But there are situations where the usual make-up brings us – in the hot season, in rain and snow, on the beach. Then on helping women of the third millennium comes cosmetic tattoo or permanent makeup.

To increase the volume of the lips and give them the desired shape, there are special products that are introduced by injection.

Injection form of lips correction.

What is injection form of lips correction?

Injection of correction of lip volume and contour produced by subcutaneous injection of a special medication based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

The introduction of preparations based on hyaluronic acid is recommended to patients who want to significantly increase the volume of the lips or correct their asymmetry.

Result of procedure

The ideal shape of the lips – which remains unlimited long after timely re-injection of the drug. After the first injection effect lasts 6-8 months, after which the patient can appreciate whether she wants to keep more this form of the lips. If you do not make re-injection, the gel resolves without any consequences for the organism.

Painfulness of procedure

Injection of hyaluronic acid executes under local anesthesia.

Side effects and risks

After the procedure, appears swelling that lasts about 3 days and may have bruising, which take place over several days (to 1 week).

Limitations of the Procedure

With the help of injection correction is possible can significantly increase the lip volume.

Tattooing done by a special device with disposable caps for pigment and needles at use of special hypoallergenic pigments. Pigments are suspensions of particles with diameter of 6 microns, which are produced on the vegetable or mineral basis.

Before the procedure, carried out anesthesia with local anesthetic preparations.

Duration of procedure lip tattoo is 1.5-2 hours. Due to the fact that the skin shows inflammatory reaction on the pigment as a foreign body, during the rehabilitation period is a loss of pigment (70%). Therefore, almost in all cases, should be correction (approximately one month after the first procedure).

The recovery period

Tattoo – a surgical procedure, which happens to damage the top layer of the skin. Therefore, this procedure requires for special training and recovery period. For patients who inclined to herpes reactions there is carried out prevention of antiherpetic drugs for 5-7 days before the procedure.

After the procedure within one to two weeks to the area tattoo applied antiherpetic drugs, which alternate with antibiotic-containing drugs. After the end of exfoliation, the physician during the second visit estimates the state of the lips, and if necessary corrects the contour.

The procedure of injecting “Restylane”

The introduction of the drug carried out in a clinic with sterile disposable instruments. The drug is introduced by one or more intradermal injections along the contour of the lips. The procedure of the introduction lasts 30-40 minutes.

Preliminary tests

There are no need preliminary tests because the preparation “Restylane” is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of human skin. Hyaluronic acid in the preparation, “Restylane,” has a synthetic origin (i.e. contains no animal materials) and a high degree of purification, so that does not cause allergic reactions.

The recovery period

This procedure does not require for special rehabilitation actions. Since there is the probability of bruising, perhaps lips will have some time (up to 1 week) be masked with help of makeup.