Glycolicpeel Whitening


It is medication of glycol peels group. “Whitening” uses for elimination of superficial hyperpigmentation or for complex solution of problem related with skin wilting in case when except signs of aging patient has hyperpigmentation:
phytic acid: enhances exfoliation, has a less pronounced irritant effect
kojic acid: tyrosinase inhibitor binds ions of 2-valent iron, necessary for the synthesis of melanin, has an antioxidant effect
Glycol peel with antioxidant properties, designed for elimination of superficial hyperpigmentation as well as for complex struggle with signs of photo aging.
The phytic acid in its structure increases exfoliation and has more gentle effect, and kojic acid blocks the synthesis of melanin – the pigment responsible for skin color.

Indications to use:

aesthetic problems in dark skin patients
combination of problems of skin wilting and its hyperpigmentation

PeelingImpact levelApplication areaTime (min)Cost (UAH)
   Whitening peeling «Whitening»SuperficialFace60450
   Whitening peeling «Whitening»SuperficialFace, neck60500
   Whitening peeling «Whitening»SuperficialFace, neck, decollete60600
   Whitening peeling «Whitening»SuperficialFace, neck, decollete, hands75650