«Injections of beauty» allow to stay young longer. Ten minutes (approximately the needed for multiple injections of Botox) – and stubborn wrinkles as did not happen! Of course, they disappear not immediately but within a few days, but afterwards, you can forget about them for 3-4 months. Botox – a purified botulinum toxin, which in low doses relaxes the facial muscles. It is their excessive mobility provokes the formation of facial wrinkles. This is a natural process …

It is important to get exactly the desired muscle.

Tiny prick of a needle – like a mosquito bite. Sensitive but not painful. For each of the zones is required from 10 to 15 injections. Botox injections can make a plastic surgeon or cosmetologist, already has experience with this drug. It is important to get exactly the desired muscle. An experienced doctor good understanding in the anatomy of the face and knows to influence not only the muscles – culprits of wrinkles, but also on their antagonists, which displace the skin in the opposite direction. Then, the unwanted omission of muscles does not happen and the face will be smooth.

There is no need any special anesthesia, except that the doctor will put on the treated skin area a cooling pack or anesthetic cream. After the procedure, you can just go about your business. However, sometimes it can get a headache, but it happens rarely. Noticeable effect after injection is shown in 2-3 days, and the final – within 2 weeks.

Ministry of Health permits!

Botox, which is successfully used to treat a variety of neurological conditions, is currently approved by the FDA (the Commission in the quality control of medicines and food products (USA), and now the Russian Ministry of Health to temporarily treat wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead and around the eyes in patients in age from 18 to 65 years.

Give your muscles to relax.

After the Botox injections is not recommended for 4 hours after the procedure to take a horizontal position. Also is impossible the sunbathing in three days or taking antibiotics.

On the first day after injections is recommended to actively to wrinkle forehead and laugh more than usual. During this time, Botox is distributed in the muscles, after which they will go to the deserved vacation. This «homework» is desirable to do to be sure that all the muscles of one hundred percent fall under the action of Botox. However, in practice, even if nothing is done, the drug will affect all the same. Therein lies the beauty of Botox – it’s extremely independent.

However, Botox does not like warmth so that steam rooms and warming of the masks have to temporarily give up, for that matter, and other thermal treatments, which increase blood circulation and metabolism. So Botox rapidly absorbed and excreted from the body.

ВIn the future, as the Botox, including in the metabolism, is excreted from the body, facial expressions back. But the wrinkles will not be deeper, and their number will not increase. In some sense we simply deceive the time. We make the injection and a six-month stop the process mimic aging. During this time, relaxation muscle will well rest.

Botox addiction does not happen, so after six months or eight months the procedure can be repeated.

This is important! If the patient is ill with botulism, Botox is not work – it does not allow antibodies to botulinum toxin remaining in the body.

Injections should not be done at high temperature, during the acute inflammatory processes, muscular dystonia, pregnancy, or allergy. If you are taking antibiotics, it is first cured to the end, and then to make a rejuvenation.

Youth without restrictions

Skin without wrinkles. Botox addiction does not happen, so after six months or eight months the procedure can be repeated. Sometimes the second or third time, the effect is slightly less pronounced, but lost the habit of wrinkle forehead and knit the brows.

Face care after Botox may be the most common. Better to avoid exposure to massages on the zones of immobilized muscles. In fact, after a Botox treatment is only the surface of the skin, as the muscles are «groomed».

Start doing Botox injections you can of twenty five years but you can do it after the sixty. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of face. In especially emotional natures facial wrinkles can be formed early enough, someone has a happy ability to always keep face in a relaxed state. The criterion is simple – – if you are already unbearable to look at your reflection in the mirror, do the injections. Even if objectively it is not necessary, the psychological comfort of more expensive!

No headache

American doctors discovered that Botox injections are effective for chronic daily headache. This diagnosis is exposed to patients who are concerned about a headache 15 days per month or more often. About 4% of people worldwide suffer from this disease.

Doctors from the Centre Headache with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (Philadelphia, USA) were injected with Botox 117 patients with chronic headaches. After 3 courses of treatment 60% of study participants reported that their headaches concerned about approximately twice rarely.