Laser method

erbium laser MCL-30 Dermablate

In network of clinics «Aura» benign neoplasm remove using erbium laser MCL-30 Dermablate, Germany.

In network of clinics «Aura» we use laser for:

  • papiloma removal
  • condiloma removal
  • wart removal
  • birthmark removal
  • removal of molluscum contagilosum
  • removal of keratitis
  • removal of fibroids
  • removal of xanthelasma
  • removal of atheroma
  • removal of miliums
  • removal of granuloma

Pluses of laser method:

  • Fast treatment, no tissue destruction.
  • Fast healing, no welds.
  • Painless method, no post-surgeon pain.
  • No bleeding and purulent complications.
  • No burns and tissue necrosis.
  • Getting quality material for histological examination.


kontagioznyy-mollyusk papilomi



Laser removal of skin tumors
Impact area Amount,pc./Size,mm. Cost for pc. (UAH)
Papiloma (single)190
Papiloma (multiple)from 10 to 2070
Papiloma (multiple)from 20 to 3050
Papiloma (multiple)over 3030
Condyloma (intimate zone)1 350
Wartto 5 mm.250
Wartto 10 mm.350
Wartto 10 mm.450
Wart (multiple)to 3 mm.150
Plantar wart1550
Periungual warts1350
Bithmark (nevus)3 mm.300
Bithmark (nevus)3-5 mm.400
Bithmark (nevus)5-10 mm.450
Bithmark (nevus)over 10 mm.600
Bithmark (nevus) (multiple)to 3 mm.150
Keratoma (single)to 5 mm.350
Keratoma (single)from 5 mm.400
Keratoma (multiple)3-10 pc.250
Keratoma (multiple)10-20 pc.200
Keratoma (multiple)20-30 pc.150
Molluscum Contagiosum1200
Molluscum Contagiosumto  5120
Molluscum Contagiosum5-10100
Molluscum Contagiosum10-2080
Molluscum Contagiosum20-3060
Whitehead (single)1100
Whitehead (multiple)from 550
Sebaceous gland hyperplasia1150
Ateroma (sebaceous cyst) of 1 category1500
Ateroma (sebaceous cyst) of 2 category1800
Ateroma (sebaceous cyst) of 3 category11200
Spider veins (single)1200
Spider veins (multiple)from 3100