Surely the French biophysicist Arsene D’Arsonval, who studied the effects of AC processes on biological objects, had no idea that his invention would be used in cosmetology. The unit is named after its inventor d’Arsonval, and methods of electrical effects on human — darsonvalization. Widely used in medicine it found its niche in cosmetology.

How works D&Arsonval

Darsonvalization based on the use of high-frequency currents (from 110 to 400 kHz), of low power (0.01 mA). Through a vacuum glass electrode current pulses affect the skin, improving microcirculation, causing a momentary spasm of blood vessels and, consequently, increased blood flow. Darsonvalization is effective in stagnant venous events; wall of venous vessels become more elastic, disappears venous stasis and swelling of tissues.

D’Arsonval affects the pain receptors, reducing their sensitivity to external stimuli. Therefore, the apparatus has a strong antipruritic and anesthetizing effect. Improving microcirculation causes the acceleration of the biochemical processes in subcutaneous adipose tissue, the dermis is better supplied with oxygen.

What are «spark» and «low» modes

D’arsonvalization can be carried out in several modes. In the «spark» discharge escapes ozone. This explains the strong bactericidal effect of the apparatus. If after mechanical cleaning face was carried out darsonvalization procedure, usually the skin is not inflamed and red. Oxides of ozone «sterilize» ” the skin. In pustular rashes, acne, the skin is also dried. D’Arsonval currents in the spark mode activate germ cells of hair follicles. This effect is used to enhance growth and hair strengthening. «Sleepers» hair follicles, receiving a portion of bits, «wake up», so D’Arsonval widely used in hair cover restoration and treatment of alopecia (hair loss).

Magic D’Arsonval

In the mode of «low» discharge unit D’Arsonval used to increase turgor and helps to reduce wrinkles and prevents new ones.

For oily skin use of darsonvalization allows to achieve normal secretion of the sebaceous glands.

When cellulite, which furnishes great deal of trouble to women, the d’arsonvalization restores the processes of water and fat metabolism.

The effect of activation of blood circulation cosmetologists use in the fight against the phenomena of varicose and for removal spider veins.

Since d’Arsonval currents activate metabolic processes, the device is used for better penetration of therapeutic and cosmetic products in the dermis.

General and local methods of use

Typically, the apparatus D’Arsonval lead to «problem» areas. General d’arsonvalization used under medical supervision, mainly in health centers.

The area the face and neck:
acne, spider veins
reduced turgor, laxity and the presence of wrinkles
pale skin with malnutrition
oily skin with prominent pores

all kinds of hair loss
strengthen the hair follicles
stimulate hair growth

Impact on areas of the body, indications:
all stages and types of cellulite
varicose veins

Contraindications to the use

Since D’Arsonval improves blood circulation, it is contraindicated in bleeding disorders, bleeding.

In the presence of benign tumors is necessary to consult physician. In malignant tumors, the use of the device is contraindicated.

The impact of currents during pregnancy can cause an excessive increase in uterine tone.

Allergy to the impact of currents or idiosyncrasy.

Excessive growth of facial hair.

Heart failure.

Methods of d’Arsonvalization are time-tested. With the advent of compact devices with multiple nozzles problems of any kind became possible to solve at home. Of course, before using the d’Arsonval at home, should consult with the cosmetician and in the presence of disease — your doctor.