Quite recently Ukrainian men hesitated to speak out loud about what they are, for example, were on a pedicure or wrap. On the proposal wrapping aesthetics could easily hear from his client: «Do I look like on the gay?» Not so long ago the word «metrosexual» idered abusive and meant almost a homosexual. But now open men’s beauty salons, arise procedures for men. A growing number of heterosexual men control their health and appearance!

But now open men’s beauty salons, arise procedures for men. A growing number of heterosexual men control their health and appearance – visit to spa treatments to get rid of stress, cosmetologist – to make their face sleek, do manicures and pedicures. Moreover, they do tattoos and body piercing – fashionable, get rid of unwanted hair – not to torture yourself with constant shaving, and even (oh, horror!) Occasionally do a bikini-design – to amuse their wife.

Why men start to visit beauty salons?

In general, these three reasons:

The work, which is so important for men, now requires them to look good. Career of a modern man is not only preventing dirty fingernails, but also bad skin on the face, bad teeth, cheap clothes, unfashionable haircut. Of the several sales-managers, claiming to a good job, other things being equal, choose the one who looks better – because he is «face» of the company and his face must be clean and well maintained. The same applies to top management. Not to mention those who work in the industries of fashion, beauty, and show business. Of course, the damned West dictates its own standards. But this is not the toughest of today’s rules.

Women also require to men look well. To whom is pleasant in her ideal form – with manicured nails, velvety satin skin, smooth as a baby’s heels – walk with a man who looks like a plumber after overtime. What a «they met: Fire & Ice, water and stone…» – the contrast here is misplaced. On the website of an American beauty salon for men on the main page you can find appeal in large letters: «Women like well maintained men». According to the owner of another salon, 80% of all men who have come to the salon got there by their wives and girlfriends (and not the time to give her man a certificate for the procedure in our Institute of Beauty??).

Scourge of our time – stress and its consequences. Stress level increases. Studies suggest that stress is the cause of many disorders, including chronic fatigue, insomnia, impotence, weight gain, depression, and even the diseases of internal organs, such as gastritis. People began to realize that health – more important than beauty, and beauty – a consequence of health. Therefore, spa treatments are very fond by men.