Mesotherapy – a technique correcting cosmetic defects of the skin, facial and body treatments widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The procedure stimulates the decay of body fat, metabolic processes in cells, the excretion of excess liquid through the action introduced into the skin medicinal substances and vitamins. Due to mechanical impact konoglomeraty destroyed fat cells in problem areas (cellulite), the skin surface is leveled.

The method consists of introducing a microscopic dose of a special cocktail different medications. The drug injected is very thin and short needles, intradermally or subcutaneously (to a depth of 1.5 to 6mm).

To each patient chosen individually cocktail of medicines!

Mesotherapy can solve a lot of different aesthetic problems:
figure correction
removal of stretch marks
acne treatment
scarring, pigmentation
hair loss
«Bags» under eyes
«Second» chin
cellulite and more others

Until recently, the procedure was very painful. Fortunately, with the advent of new equipment, sessions of mesotherapy start to bring the client is much less discomfort.

The rhythm of mesotherapy treatment – one procedure in 7-10 days, depending on the problem. To fight cellulite, for example, requires at least 10 sessions.

Mesotherapy has a number of invaluable benefits:

Physiology (non-toxic composition helps cleanse the body and improves the general condition)

Using the integrated effects of substances in a cocktail of compatible products

Duration of preservation of the results obtained during the full course (for the treatment of cellulite – about a year!)

The method has no age restrictions.

Contraindications for Mesotherapy:
tendency to allergic reactions
increased individual sensitivity to the drugs used, which is determined by skin test, carried out by a doctor
Hemophilia (blood incoagulability)
kidney disease
hypertonic disease
oncologic disease

Is it possible to avoid complications?

Mesotherapy today – one of the most popular therapeutic techniques used in aesthetic medicine. What is the secret of such popularity? First it is demand. In the journal «Expert» is a study ranking the popularity of various aesthetic procedures – Mezotherapy there is on the first place, and only then followed injections of drugs based on
toxin injection contour correction and other techniques. Mesotherapy – a miraculous way to treat cellulite and to solve problems of wrinkles and hair loss.

Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Medicine
dermatological problems
figure correction
prevention and treatment of age-related skin changes
comprehensive rehabilitation after plastic surgery, laser and chemical peelings, dermabrasion

Secondly, the seeming simplicity of technique. For many people mesotherapy – it’s just injection in the skin. We often hear these words: «I am – a nurse with great experience and make injections better than doctor». Not at all doubting the qualifications and vast experience of practical work of nurses, we want to remind you that mesotherapy – the prerogative of only a doctor, requiring a fundamental knowledge and only the doctor’s approach to solving various problems. Although there are «experts», who study advertising publications, snatching from them the names of the prescription drugs and «cocktails», used in mesotherapy, and believe that this is sufficient for success.

Mesotherapy – invasive, implying injecting the drug into the skin.

There are several requirements that must be strictly observed:

1. Injections are performed only in a procedure room with all sanitary rules and regulations.

2. Mesotherapy can be performed both in the manual (manual) technique using a single syringe and needle, and using special mesoinjector (pistol).

3. Procedures of mesotherapy carried out by doctor with appropriate qualifications and possess the theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Mesotherapy: ways of introducing

1. Hardware: mechanical and electronic mesoinjectors Tehnika: queue or single puncture

2. Manual: 1-3 ml syringes, needles 30G Tehnika: nappazh, linear, the formation of papules

Mesotherapy – not just injections technique, it is too simplistic understanding of the term. Mesotherapy – is a serious treatment method, which is based on traditional fundamental knowledge in the field of medicine:

Knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis of various forms of skin diseases and esthetic problems: cellulite, alopecia, acne, the various manifestations of aging.

Basic knowledge of pharmacology. In mesotherapy are various allopathic, homeopathic, and biological agents for the intradermal and intramuscular injection, which have not only local but also the general pharmacological action.

Carefully compiled history of the patient reveals not only allergic reactions but also comorbidities, which may be absolute or relative contraindications for mesotherapy. For example, autoimmune diseases are a contraindication for the use of products of animal origin.