Mesotherapy – a technique of introducing a special cocktail (set of different products, depending on the problem the patient) under the skin with microscopic doses, very thin and short needles, superficially (to a depth of 0.5 to 6mm). Mesotherapy can deliver the necessary vitamins, nucleic acids and amino acids, minerals directly into the dermis (middle layer of skin), which can not penetrate into the funds applied to the skin.

When you need to do mesotherapy?

fading skin (wrinkles, dull complexion, atonic skin)
cellulite, excess fat deposits
pigment spots
scars, stretch marks
baldness and thinning of hair
acne, scars from acne (postacne)
expanded vessels on the face vascular «spiders»
in addition, mesotherapy is applied with success to restore the skin on the face and body after plastic surgery, chemical peels and laser polishing.

Origin of the method.

In Europe, Mesotherapy has been used for over 50 years. Especially fond of mesotherapy in France, where it, in fact, originated. Dr. Michel Pistor treating bronchial asthma, during the next attack of the disease, the doctor introduced subcutaneously anaesthetic. The patient not only got rid of the pain, but, unexpectedly, became a better hearing (previously suffered from partial deafness). Michel Pistor began to study the reasons of this –miracle – so mesotherapy was born. The new technique of intradermal injection grew vigorously, and in 1987 was officially recognized by the French Medical Academy as one of the areas of traditional medicine, that is, fully legitimized and accepted by physicians. Now in France, mesotherapy is taught in medical schools, students proof their diplomas.

What cocktails consist of?

Cocktails are divided into allopathic and homeopathic. Among the allopathic medicines – vitamins, lipolitiks (fat-inflammatory drugs), vasodilators (drugs to improve the microcirculation) and others, up to the ready to deal with complexes of a problem. These drugs are mainly produced from vegetable raw materials, but there are also animal origin (embryonic) as well as synthesized in the usual way in the laboratory. The composition of cocktails always chooses the doctor, based on the individual characteristics of the organism and the problems. For example, to get rid of cellulite chosen components, eliminating the lymph, improving blood circulation, reducing swelling. In the treatment of rosacea (spider veins) are selected medications that strengthen capillary walls, improving blood circulation in general. Rejuvenating drink may contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and other restorative and moisturizing ingredients.

Is it bad for the health?

On the contrary! Mesotherapy – one of the best methods of rehabilitation. Imposed medicines often contribute to cleaning the body and have a therapeutic effect.

What fields of medicine mesotherapy effective is?

For several decades, mesotherapy – real panacea: it is used for the prevention of respiratory and viral infections, diseases of the bronchopulmonary system (bronchitis, otitis, tonsillitis, colds).The effectiveness of mesotherapy for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system is close to 100% of all diseases of the spine, arthritis successfully treated with Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy has long been used in sports medicine for the rehabilitation of athletes after injury, treatment of pain, and in neurology, gynecology. In Europe, mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine – it is only 15% among fields of mesotherapy applications.

How effective is Mesotherapy?

According to words of doctor Jaques Le Coz (successor of Michel Pistor), just in France are functioning 15 000 mesotherapists and every day 60 000 patients use their service.

Mesotherapy – is radical method of treatment that affects on the cause of appeared problem. When we prick regular drug, it acts on the whole body, and to the very «disease» up with a small dose of the drug – that reflects badly on the organism as a whole, and on the effectiveness of treatment in particular. Mesotherapy is also focused on the local manifestation of the problem.

What are contraindications?

There are no absolute contraindications, even people with diabetic can take mesotherapy course. But some preparations are incompatible with some diseases. For example, if you use mesotherapy for cellulite treatment and fat deposits, the cocktail can be consist from choleretic drugs, that contraindicated to people with gallstone disease.

That’s why you should inform your doctor-mesotherapist about your health condition, especially if you have:
нарушение свертываемости крови в результате заболеваний (гемофилия), а также при применении антикоагулянтов и дезагрегантов (кумарины, аспиринтрентал, тиклид)
chronic vascular disease (hypertension of 3rd degree, CAD of 3rd degree)
chronic kidney failure, nephropathy
3rd trimester of pregnancy
pathological fear of needle
Перед началом курса врач-мезотерапевт должен провести тест на препараты, чтобы исключить аллергическую реакцию.

How many treatments are necessary to achieve the effect?

Course for mesotherapy for face – 7-10 procedures, for body – 10-15 procedures. Treatments are available 1 time at week (sometimes 2 times) individually according to doctor advice. Support sessions are recommended 1-2 times a month. Rythm of mesotherapy – one procedure in 7-10 days, depending from a problem.

How long is effect after a course of Mesotherapy?

Achieved result is always based on the improvement of health, because mesotherapy restores physiological processes in problem areas, and it does not disappear instantly. Most often, a second course should be done after 6-12 months.

What side effects may occur?

Pain. Depends on individual sensitivity, the drugs used in the cocktail and the technique of mesotherapist. To reduce the pain, you can use an anesthetic cream.
Redness, especially on the face and neck. It passes 20-30 minutes after the session.
Puncture marks (on the neck and decolette pass within one day, on body – stay within 1-3 days). In most cases, when procedure carried correctly, there are no remains of any marks.
Bruises on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. May occur during the first 2 or 3 procedures of cellulite treatment.
Mild dizziness, condition of chills – very rare.

What is not recommended during the course of mesotherapy?

The day of the session, excluded any other cosmetic procedures.

Should not be applied on the treated area decorative cosmetics (including tonal creams) for 24 hours.

The next two days after the session can not go to a bath or sauna, actively engage in sports and take massage.

What can be combined mesotherapy with?

Mesotherapy is perfectly combined with all cosmetology invasive methods such as Botox injections. Course of mesotherapy can be conducted both before and after the introduction of Botox treatments, but with an interval of 2 weeks (if later). A great combination of mesotherapy with contouring (Perlane, Restylane) – methods supplement and strengthen each other’s action. Mesotherapy combines very well with chemical peelings of surface and median exposure. When middle peeling Mesotherapy is training (to prepare the local immune system to action stressor – peeling) and rehabilitation. There should be a cautious approach to the combination of mesotherapy with massage and hardware techniques – non-compliance with rules of combination can negate the result of both methods.