The procedure Fraxel is based on the principle of fractional photothermolysis …. Agree that this definition is not widely understood, and perhaps that is why it guards and gives rise to misconceptions about it. What to do if to try an innovative method of rejuvenation is still desirable. Professionals dispel myths!

Nataliya Taran — Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor of higher category, dermatovenerologist-cosmetologist of beauty institute «SENSAVI»

Andrew Shilkov — a surgeon, a specialist in hardware cosmetology the center of aesthetic medicine «LANTSET»

Fraxel and laser polishing of the skin — one and the same.

Nataliya Taran: It is not an exact statement. For polishing use carbon-dioxide (CO2) laser, which partially or completely burns the top layer of skin — thew epidermis, followed by a long process of recovery. Therefore, laser polishing involves mandatory patient’s stay in hospital for several days, and then another two — four weeks at home.

Fraxel — Non-ablative erbium laser, which has a gentle and non-traumatic impact. It destroys only microportion skin, but penetrates the entire thickness of the dermis. Therefore, the result of the procedure — not only leveling but also the restoration of the deep structures of the skin. Full rehabilitation takes a day or two.

The procedure Fraxel — a laser treatment, and therefore may be due to burning and severe redness.

NT: No, it’s a myth. Due to the principle factional activity thin laser beam acts not on the entire skin surface and the microsections, each of which is comparable to the diameter of a human hair, so visible damage, and especially burns can not be. Undoubtedly, appears redness of the treated area, but it looks like a healthy glow and passes through one or two days, with no discomfort.

Fractional laser is used not so long ago, so it is prematurely to talk about his safety.

NT: That’s not true. Laser techniques are used for many decades, and there only their improvement. One of the most authoritative organizations in the world, tracking the safety of medical devices, FDA (USA) approvals has given eight of clinical application of Fraxel. Among them are unique — for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles, melasma, actinic keratosis. Now around the world accumulated a huge experience with Fraxel, and many hospitals are already working on the third generation of the laser — Fraxel re: store. Fractional laser is completely safe, the impact of strictly metered, and the recovery period is minimal. In addition, there is no habituation to the procedure, it will be effective at all times.

Fraxel is not only rejuvenates the skin, but also eliminates stretch marks, scars and pigmental spots.

NT: Yes, it’s true. Fraxel is able to break down scar tissue (scars, stretch marks, postacne) to a depth of 1.5 mm and stimulate the growth of the normal structured skin. It is safe to remove stretch marks, even on the chest and inner side of thighs.

Fraxel is also recommended for the treatment of pigmentation anywhere on the body. It destroys not only the existing pigment, but the cells themselves, which create pigment spots, and the newly grown begin to actively remodeled (rebuilt), the damaged area. As a result, even the deepest pigment spots become less noticeable at first, and then disappear completely.

Fraxel should be combined with injections of hyaluronic acid and mesotherapy.

A. S.: It’s not quite true. I think that one reason for using such a combination is the desire of specialists to get more quick visual effect of the procedure Fraxel, however, increased hydration of the tissues reduces the effectiveness of the procedure Fraxel. This is due to competition between the molecules of the intracellular and extracellular water at the laser energy. So I think it’s best not to combine and alternate courses of mesotherapy and fractional photothermolysis.

Fraxel — a painful procedure, so it done under anesthesia.

A. S.: This procedure by definition can not be painless, because it implies the thermal damage in the dermis, so before its implementation in the treated area applied anesthetic cream. To a large extent the perception of the procedure depends on the individual patient’s pain threshold, as well as the experience of the doctor, that may affect the patient’s sensation during the procedure by adjusting the operation of the apparatus. Anesthesia, of course, makes the procedure Fraxel comfortable: The doctor doing his job without causing pain patient.

This procedure is not suitable for dry skin, because even normal skin after it is very scaly.

NT: No, it’s a myth. Fraxel can work with any skin type. One of its main advantages is the ability to choose an individual mode of the laser for each patient and each problem. Peeling after the procedure is very small, it is invisible to the eye and did not cause any inconvenience to patients. In addition, combining with other methods, Fraxel can accomplish so much more moisturizing than before the procedure.

The effect of the procedure is not immediately noticeable.

A. S.: It can not be argued. Every patient is different. In some people results noticeable right away, so they require smaller number of treatments. In other people effect is growing gradually, and they need more procedures. However, there is a general pattern. In most patients, anti-aging effect begins to appear from the first procedure and increases with subsequent performance. The visible effect of the correction of scars and stretch marks appears later — after two or three treatments.

The procedure can not be performed if there are birthmarks on the skin.

A. S.: It’s a myth. Fraxel can be performed in the presence of all benign neoplasms, including pigment — moles. At the request of the patient first they removed with erbium laserand only then begin to the procedure Fraxel. In place of remote neoplasms formed scabs, which fall on the fifth — seventh day. After several procedures Fraxel skin texture is aligned and traces of once available tumors completely disappear.

This procedure is carried out only on the face. In other areas it does not do.

Andrew Shilkov: An absolute myth. The procedure Fraxel is performed on the eyelids, face, neck, upper chest, hands and forearms. In the correction of scars, stretch marks and pigmentation it can be execute anywhere on the body. This is usually the chest, abdomen and thighs. Rarely — shoulders, back, buttocks. It should be taken into account that the effectiveness of the procedure is always higher in the areas of skin with a good blood supply.

The article is reprinted from the magazine «Health & Beauty»