TCA Peeling

TCA Peeling

ТСА – peeling is median peeling on the base of trichloroacetic acid, with marked exfoliating and stimulating effect. Depending from amount of applied layers of peeling composition, the drug penetrates into the skin on different levels of depth and makes different influences – from surface to middle-deep. So, peeling can be used for correction of age related changes of any level of intensity. TCA peeling characterised with reliable control of penetration depth.

Indications for use:

signs of skin withering of varying degree
breach of micro-and macro-relief of the skin
stretch marks (striae), and scarring, including postacne


reliably controlled peeling allowing quickly get the distinct results (usually within one to two treatments)
peeling is used to correct a wide range of aesthetic issues, it can be done for patients of any age, anywhere on the body

Effect of procedure

skin renewal
improvement of the complexion, brightening age spots
alignment of the relief, smoothing of cicatricial changes
reduction of skin pores
facial lifting
reduction in oily skin

PeelingImpact levelApplication areaTime (min)Cost (UAH)
   ТСА peelingmedialFace40600
   ТСА peelingmedialFace, neck45750
   ТСА peelingmedialFace, neck, decollete50900
   ТСА peelingmedialFace, neck, decollete, hands601100
   ТСА peelingmedialStriae, body scars (10 cm2)40-60800
PeelingImpact levelApplication areaTime (min)Cost (UAH)
   ТСА peelingmedialFace401800
   ТСА peelingmedialFace, neck452200
   ТСА peelingmedialFace, neck, decollete502500
   Post-peeling cream   400