The first wrinkles start to appear on the face of twenty-five – thirty years. Deal with them fairly easily, given the advances in modern medicine, but the older the person becomes, the more he has more wrinkles appear. If men almost not bothers about it, the woman’s reacts to changes in the skin of her face is quite painful. Fortunately leading specialists of cosmetic are trying to solve this problem companies not the first decade.

Not every woman will agree to go under the surgeon’s knife to smooth the skin, and creams are not always effective. What to do? After all, we want to look beautiful and cherished always. Here come to the aid Botox injections.

What is Botox?

When a person laughs, wrinkles his brow, or eating, make use of the facial muscles responsible for facial expressions of his so-called facial muscles. Over time, these muscles overreach, resulting in wrinkles. Botox injections relieve tension from facial muscles, which leads to the disappearance of wrinkles. Now this miracle drug use Hollywood stars, politicians and businessmen. Finally discovered the secret of eternal youth!

Specialists advise to begin to do Botox injections when the first wrinkles (approximately 25 years), as it almost completely eliminates the need for plastic surgery in the future. Botox has no age contraindication, so it can be used, as in the thirty and fifty years. At the same time it is not cause addiction and has no effect on the destructive facial muscles that allow you to keep the natural facial expressions, which are used to your friends and family. The effect of the drug seen in eight days. Just a few sessions a year will remove the wrinkles from your face for a long time. Plus, Botox treats migraines and sweating.


Botox injections can not be applied in the following cases:

1. Pregnancy

2. Coagulation failure

3. Allergy to components of the drug

4. Myasthenia

Practice shows that 99% of women of a hundred can use Botox injections. This drug is so safe that it prescribed even to children.

Price issue

To date, the price of Botox injections range from 500 to 1500 UAH. Everything depends on where you are going to enter the drug. Typically, Botox injections on an outpatient basis, so the extra expense to pay for staying in the clinic can be excluded.

What about men?

Main consumers of Botox are women, but, as reported by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over the past five years the number of men wanting to get rid of wrinkles, has doubled. At the same time the most popular tool in the fight against wrinkles, which are selected American men are Botox injections.

In the opinion of Americans, Botox injections allow them to look young, energetic and sexy, so they began to use more and more popular among women, and their employers are proud of the young and beautiful staff.

If earlier for the skin care we had to spend a lot of time and the result was not always the way we would like, then with the advent of Botox injections all these sufferings in the past. Botox – your way to beauty and health.