Procedure of thermotherapy in Finnish sauna


Thermotherapy uses the most pleasing to the human physical factor – heat. In the centre “Aura” as a method of thermotherapy is used a traditional Finnish sauna. Sauna decorated valuable species of wood (cedar, African oak) and allows you to take a full session of thermal and aromatherapy. In the Finnish sauna dry air heated to 90 degrees envelops you making your body pleasantly and severe and forcing you breathing slowly and evenly. You tune into a calm and relaxing mood. The pores are wide open, and the sweat from them deduces slags and “washes out” accumulated stress.


Thermotherapy has sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect on body, contributes to the formation of biologically active substances, which helps in treatment of diseases of most organs and body systems.


The use of thermotherapy causes a number of positive responses of the body. They are shown in the improvement of blood – and lymph circulation.Under the influence of heat dilates blood vessels, leading to congestion and increased skin temperature. Эit is accompanied by an acceleration of metabolic processes, the formation of biologically active substances, increasing the regeneration process of tissue resorption products of decay. All this causes an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and resolving effect of thermotherapy. Also, response reactions of the body are associated with a reflex influence of thermotherapy on the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine system. At general heating there is an increase of pulse rate and breathing, lowered blood pressure, increased sweating, increased bronchial lumen, increasing the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract.


In general, heat therapy relieves stress and fatigue, improves emotional sphere, increases the body’s defenses in stress disorders, reduces pain in trauma and diseases of the muscles and joints.


Thermotherapy takes own place in aesthetic medicine, especially in the treatment of cellulite, obesity, and diseases of the skin.


Of course, this procedure can be used in monomode, but the inclusion of the sauna complex programs of figure correction greatly increases its healing effect.


The Finnish sauna is perfectly combined with other procedures – such as nutritional and moisturizing masks, peeling, saturating the skin with minerals, massage, which helps cleanse the body from toxins, and the contrasting influence of cold water, having a tonic effect.